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Breastfeeding in Today’s World!

The fascinating history of breastfeeding babies can be traced back centuries to the Egyptian, Greek and Roman periods, and included a time when “wet nurses” held the important role of feeding babies for women who were unable to nurse. The progression of nursing moms continued well into the 1930s, when most women breastfed their little…
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Breast Cancer Awareness: Warrior Women!

October is designated as “Breast Cancer Awareness,” and across the globe, women of all ages, races and socioeconomic backgrounds share a common goal: to bring greater awareness, education and support to those women who are facing an incredible health challenge. The movement to bring breast cancer awareness to the forefront of medical research and funding…
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Creating a Birth Plan in the 21st Century

In eras gone by, mothers and grandmothers delivered their babies with little or no fanfare. Following World War II, women giving birth at a hospital, usually stayed a minimum of 10 days and often felt isolated and alone after delivery. There was no pre-planning and often little interaction on the part of husbands or families…
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