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Be Smart About Dense Breasts!

Women are great communicators when it comes to discussing our family and lives. But a discussion about breast density is not a part of a daily coffee conversation and one we don’t share with our BFFs regularly. Why should you know what your breast density is and why it matters for your health? You’re not…
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New Year – New Plans

Good intentions and resolutions are a hallmark tradition for ringing in the New Year. We promise ourselves that this is the year for organizing our health information, create health savings account spreadsheets, and get our taxes in on time. These aren’t on a top ten resolution list for 2019! Most of us can’t find a…
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Women and Stroke: Act F.A.S.T.

We have way too much to do to see any warning signs. As women, we are busy on the nurturing train of life and not a day goes by that we aren’t taking care of someone else. No time to stop, let alone heed any possible health risks. This is a major health issue for…
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