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Baby Boomers: Hi-tech Healthcare

Baby Boomers are a force of nature when it comes to showing us all how to live in the present. They’re also making a huge impact on senior lifestyles and healthcare. Boomers aren’t slowing down, but staying linked with family, friends and loved ones through social interaction. Their zest for life is also promoting a new wave of healthcare connections and creating a new age bracket for web users of health services.

Coming of Age

Seniors have taken the Internet by storm and are regular search engine experts. They will debate their peers about the best online products to buy and will Google just about anything of interest to them. Grandparents FaceTime little ones and will post sweet selfies for the world to see. Just ask a senior to show pictures of their grandchildren and they will text, email or upload the latest and greatest photos.

Surfing the Web

The second largest living generation behind Millennials is catching up and becoming modern-day “techies.” The Pew Research Center states that 83% of younger Boomers (51 to 59) and those ages 60 to 69 use the Internet regularly. As lifelong learners, this group will take on a challenge until they get it right. They were early pioneers when it came to the use of computers and cell phones, so they know a thing or two about the IT world.

Rock On!

The healthcare community has taken notice that Boomers aren’t taking it easy on the sideline of living, but are changing the game of what it means to be a senior citizen. You’re more likely to see Baby Boomers riding motorcycles, cruising the Caribbean or taking on the “young guns” at local fitness centers. Rocking chairs have given way to Yoga mats, hiking trails and Fitbits.

A New Horizon for Senior Healthcare

The use of an electronic health record (HER) by practices and hospitals across the country is helping patients stay connected with their health information like never before. The Baby Boomers are active participants in their healthcare choices and decisions. They will research the best care available for them and are proactive in their choices for providers and hospitals.

Advancing a Healthy Connection

Boomers are loyal to their doctors and quality healthcare, but will search the web for the latest advances in medicine. Seniors are also willing to learn the latest in electronic medical care to stay connected with their health information. They are able to make use of online services for routine appointment scheduling, test results, sending questions or asking for referrals. According to, the EHR can improve patient care by:

  • improving the accuracy and clarity of medical records.
  • improving patient safety.
  • keeping patients well-informed.

Virtual Health

“Old-fashioned” has been replaced by “going hi-tech” as Baby Boomers are strong in their resolve for health, wellness and a long life. They’ve joined the virtual world, and if you ask them, they will tell you to check your phone – “there’s an app for that!”


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