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Why so S.A.D.?

Winter is here, the days are getting shorter and nights longer! As the seasons change so does our internal clock. Many of us love winter, the sights and sounds of the season, but for many we can’t wait for Spring…

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Patient Consult

Breast Cancer Surgery: What’s next?

If you are a woman facing a breast removal due to cancer or to prevent it as the result of high-risk, it’s important to know your options for surgery. Are you a candidate for breast rebuilding, how and when is…

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Should you get vaccines while pregnant?

Pregnancy normally lasts about nine months, but it can feel like a lifetime of discovery through the process. It is truly going through baby steps even before your little one gets here. The learning curve can be wide on what…

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Babies and Alcohol: Not a safe combination!

If you are expecting or think you might be, remember “only you can prevent” fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. The excitement and joy you feel when announcing the good news could be short-lived if after delivery your newborn faces a preventable…

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Feminine products for today’s women!

In the wonderful world of women, we are moms, wives, daughters and day-to-day leaders who make an incredible impact on the planet today. The women before us paved the road with advice, strength and courage. We’re still growing and figuring…

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Pregnant Women And Her Partner

What is HELLP Syndrome?

If you are like most of us, HELLP syndrome is not normally at the forefront of concern when we think about our pregnancy. Many women may have never heard of this issue unless you had a mother or sister with…

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Senior Sex: Do you need a reboot?

It’s time to shine if you’re part of the senior generation! The kids have left the nest and you’ve joined an exciting new group: 60 is the new 40, 80 the new 60. Health-conscious men and women are leading strong,…

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Not on my watch

The catchphrase “not on my watch” can be used to describe standing guard while others are sleeping to keep danger away. There is an important watch coming up which all women should be aware of including: risks, detection and research.…

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There’s a phone APP for that?

Living off the grid is no longer an option for many of us who rely on the latest electronic gadget to keep track of everything we do. We can’t put our smart phones or computers down without getting an update…

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Is your Iron out of whack?

Are you tired all the time, feel weak or dizzy or suffer from low body temperature: you may suffer from Iron-Deficiency Anemia? A lack of iron in your system can cause turmoil with the body’s daily functions. We all want…

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