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If you’re trying to make a baby…

If you are in baby-making mode, ovulation (OV) is a big deal. Finding that perfect window when the sperm meets the egg sounds easier said than done, so tracking your monthly cycle to find the “fertility window” can help reduce…

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Are you a first-time Mom-to-be?

If this is your first pregnancy, you’ll have lots and lots of questions and have about 9 months to get the answers you need to help guide your journey. Nine months seems like a long time, but it goes surprisingly…

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Girl Laughing

Do you have pain during sex?

Having great intimacy is a part of a satisfying relationship where lovemaking is enjoyable, not painful. Often during or after sex you may feel pain in certain areas and wonder why it hurts. The fact is you are not alone…

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What do nails say about our health?

From manicures to pedicures, clear coats to sparkling designs, our nails make us feel pretty and confident. But did you know that our fingernails and toenails can play an important role in warning us of possible changes in overall health?…

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We can put the fire out on Obesity!

The alarm bells have been going off for many years from the healthcare community that we are crossing the obesity threshold in greater numbers than ever before. As a nation, we continue to fan the flames with poor health, eating…

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Woman With A Doctor

Does gender affect your health?

The age-old question of are men and women alike continue to challenge the sexes. In many ways we are alike, from brains to personality and leadership abilities. But peel back our layers and we don’t fit into a “one-size-fits-all” category…

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2021: Cheers to New Beginnings!

The last chapter of 2020 has closed, and we look to a New Year filled with optimism for a better tomorrow. The 2020 book left us all wanting a “do-over.” It’s important to remember that good health and wellness continues…

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What’s your vision for 2020?

The new year begins with promises and resolutions for change. If you’re like most of us we vow to curb our eating and drinking habits, reduce stress, get more sleep and improve overall health. These goals are achievable but won’t…

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Why so S.A.D.?

Winter is here, the days are getting shorter and nights longer! As the seasons change so does our internal clock. Many of us love winter, the sights and sounds of the season, but for many we can’t wait for Spring…

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Patient Consult

Breast Cancer Surgery: What’s next?

If you are a woman facing a breast removal due to cancer or to prevent it as the result of high-risk, it’s important to know your options for surgery. Are you a candidate for breast rebuilding, how and when is…

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