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Not on my watch

The catchphrase “not on my watch” can be used to describe standing guard while others are sleeping to keep danger away. There is an important watch coming up which all women should be aware of including: risks, detection and research.…

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There’s a phone APP for that?

Living off the grid is no longer an option for many of us who rely on the latest electronic gadget to keep track of everything we do. We can’t put our smart phones or computers down without getting an update…

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Is your Iron out of whack?

Are you tired all the time, feel weak or dizzy or suffer from low body temperature: you may suffer from Iron-Deficiency Anemia? A lack of iron in your system can cause turmoil with the body’s daily functions. We all want…

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The surprising facts about PTSD!

Most of us may relate Post-traumatic stress disorder to our war veterans, firefighters or first responders who serve on the front lines. A diagnosis could also result from a traumatic event or life-threatening situation including car accidents, physical assault, verbal…

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Cord Blood: You can bank on it!

Banks are known for keeping your valuables safe and secure for the future. Imagine a medical bank with life-saving rewards, return on contribution and a direct deposit for helping people suffering from a medical crisis. July is National Cord Blood…

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Fight like a girl!

“You have breast cancer,” is scary for any woman to hear no matter her age or race. We’re the glue that holds everything together - no time for a medical crisis. When faced with hardships, the true spirit of what…

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Migraines: What a headache!

There are 38 million people in the U.S. whose lives are upended by these headaches. We can’t know your pain but hope to better understand the condition and the effects it has on daily life. The month of June brings…

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Hot flashes – How to beat the heat!

It’s almost time to crank up that AC and feel the cool breezes that give a break from soaring temperatures. For women who suffer from hot flashes due to menopause, a giant windmill might work better to turn down that…

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The hidden faces of Fibromyalgia

You may not see it in their outward appearance, but your neighbor, co-worker or friend may be a Fibromyalgia sufferer. This is a condition that can rob people of their ability to fully participate in everyday life while facing a…

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It’s time to take a stand on STD’s

April is designated as National STD Awareness Month and an important time to help educate everyone about the dangers of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. We can’t continue to ignore this healthcare crisis but must become advocates for awareness, treatment and education…

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