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Thankful Memories

At this time of year, the sisterhood of mom’s and grandmas will gather for the holidays with the people they love. It is a time to give, to thank and celebrate the season. But what if you can’t remember the…

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Girl Laughing

Hidden Secrets: Eating Disorders

Secrets buffer us from sharing too much, but there are some secrets that could cause us great harm. Eating disorders are a major health issue and those affected will go to great lengths to keep them hidden from just about…

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Stay smart and safe on campus!

The high school years are in the rearview mirror, and you’re adjusting to an amazing new chapter in your life. Parents are feeling like empty nesters and all of a sudden you’re becoming “Miss Independent.” The happy dance begins, but…

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Take care of your skeleton!

October is here and the skeleton costumes will be on parade for Halloween! There’s such a fascination with skeletons and what they’ve represented for thousands of years. Archaeologists study skeletons to learn about the past while today’s doctors study our…

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Counting Sheep Won’t Help You Sleep!

In the blink of an eye, we’ve become a society of night owls. We aren’t sitting in a tree waiting to catch prey, but we are watching for the next text, email or message that comes our way! Why can’t…

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First Period Class

Summer vacation is ending for millions of preteen girls who are once again adjusting to the daily routine of classes and after- school activities. The endless days of summer fun have been replaced by early-morning bus rides and late-night homework.…

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Woman With A Doctor

Toxic Shock Syndrome Awareness

From a very young age, we learned about proper hygiene from just about everyone. Our parents, teachers and doctors taught us about staying safe from germs. Whether it was learning never to eat food that drops on the floor or…

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Thank You For Your Patience!

Stuck in the Triangle area rush hour traffic requires a daily dose of patience. Waiting and waiting in the kids carpool lane puts us into patience overload. Standing in long lines at the coffee shop, restaurant or grocery store, you…

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