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Baby Boomers: Hi-tech Healthcare

Baby Boomers are a force of nature when it comes to showing us all how to live in the present. They’re also making a huge impact on senior lifestyles and healthcare. Boomers aren’t slowing down, but staying linked with family, friends and loved ones through social interaction. Their zest for life is also promoting a…
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You Can Put a Ring on It!

We want to share some great news with you! Patient engagement is the shining star of our practice. Through years of patient satisfaction and a commitment to a lifetime of health and wellness, we’ve built a practice you can trust. A First Date! Blue Ridge OB/GYN is a jewel in the area of women’s health…
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Tackle the Elephant in the Room!

Why are we afraid to talk about sex education with our teens? This is a subject that many parents try to avoid like the plague. We teach our kids to brush their teeth, look both ways before crossing the street and beware of stranger danger. We tell kids to always wash their hands but talking…
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