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Thankful Memories

At this time of year, the sisterhood of mom’s and grandmas will gather for the holidays with the people they love. It is a time to give, to thank and celebrate the season. But what if you can’t remember the holidays, your grandchildren’s names or what you ate for dinner. For those women suffering from…
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Hidden Secrets: Eating Disorders

Secrets buffer us from sharing too much, but there are some secrets that could cause us great harm. Eating disorders are a major health issue and those affected will go to great lengths to keep them hidden from just about everyone. They affect all races and ethnic groups and have the highest mortality rate of…
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Stay smart and safe on campus!

The high school years are in the rearview mirror, and you’re adjusting to an amazing new chapter in your life. Parents are feeling like empty nesters and all of a sudden you’re becoming “Miss Independent.” The happy dance begins, but reality soon sets in as you take that first step into the adult world. Getting…
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