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Women and Stroke: Act F.A.S.T.

We have way too much to do to see any warning signs. As women, we are busy on the nurturing train of life and not a day goes by that we aren’t taking care of someone else. No time to stop, let alone heed any possible health risks. This is a major health issue for…
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A Thyroid Roller Coaster!

Is your thyroid acting like it’s on a roller coaster with so many twists and turns you can’t figure out how to slow it down or get off the ride? If you are suffering the difficulties and trials of a hormone imbalance, it’s time to talk with your doctor about a new ride. Up to…
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Thankful Memories

At this time of year, the sisterhood of mom’s and grandmas will gather for the holidays with the people they love. It is a time to give, to thank and celebrate the season. But what if you can’t remember the holidays, your grandchildren’s names or what you ate for dinner. For those women suffering from…
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