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It’s time to take a stand on STD’s

April is designated as National STD Awareness Month and an important time to help educate everyone about the dangers of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. We can’t continue to ignore this healthcare crisis but must become advocates for awareness, treatment and education for all ages. As women, the subjects that seem to frighten us the most are…
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Relax and Enjoy the Journey!

Stress is a major factor in our everyday lives - from jobs to money, families to relationships. You name it and we can stress over it! But there is no greater time to try to keep everyday stresses from impacting your pregnancy. What are the causes of stress during pregnancy? The March of Dimes provides…
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Be Smart About Dense Breasts!

Women are great communicators when it comes to discussing our family and lives. But a discussion about breast density is not a part of a daily coffee conversation and one we don’t share with our BFFs regularly. Why should you know what your breast density is and why it matters for your health? You’re not…
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