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Pain Management in Labor

So, you say, I've gotten through this pregnancy thing, now I'm in labor, and it hurts! What now? What are my options for pain management in labor, what will work best? There are three main ways of managing labor- iv pain medicines, epidurals, or nontraditional methods. We'll talk about iv medicines first. Rex hospital has…
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Searching the Web

(With apologies to Dr. Jennifer Gunter). Dr. Gunter is an ob/gyn in San Francisco that is author of a book about raising preemies and blogs here. She recently wrote an article for ObGyn Management that I thought was good. It was about safety- in searching the web. Going into the new year it's a good…
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What are Fibroids?

I thought I'd switch tracts and go over to gynecology for a bit.  One of the most common reasons people come to see the gynecologist besides pregnancy is abnormal bleeding.  There are lots of causes of irregular or heavy menstrual cycles, but it's easy to narrow it down to two main categories. I like to…
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