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#Rookie Moms —You’ve got this!

A Google search defines a rookie as someone who’s a novice or inexperienced person. We’ve all had that new experience feeling when starting that first job. The butterflies in our stomach were real as we tried to prepare for what lied ahead.

New moms have that same sense of urgency when holding their baby for the first time. You’re in awe of the splendor of your child but frightened that your whole life will now be wrapped up in this tiny being.

The word “overwhelming,” is probably your first thought after giving birth, but don’t let the newness of being a mom overshadow your rookie training. For nine months you’ve been preparing with the skill set of a ninja warrior for this moment.

Although there is no “official playbook” for this life game called motherhood, your rookie season will be filled with a number of firsts —feedings, diaper changes, smiles and steps. Each one of these milestones creates a lasting bond and learning experience like no other.

What no one ever tells you?

It doesn’t take an internet sleuth to tell you that motherhood is hard work. From day one you are thrust into an unfamiliar role that takes over your life. Everything is literally baby steps — from learning the proper way to buckle your baby in a car seat, to keeping the bathwater at just the right temperature.

The website Lifehacks.org outlines some “no one ever tells you,” statements which give some surprising insight about being a first-time mom. Here are the takeaways:

  • You love your baby more than you was possible, and this makes everything worth it.
  • You can’t imagine life before they existed.
  • You gain a new appreciation for other parents and their babies.
  • You will be exhausted.
  • Breastfeeding is tough.
  • All babies are different.
  • You have to manage their sleeping patterns.
  • You’ll have absolutely no time to yourself.

What are the tips?

*Parents Magazine advisors share some words of wisdom for moms:

  • Live in the now: You have permission to stop worrying about your checklist — doing laundry, pumping, buying diapers — and learn to be present with your baby. Enjoy your precious moments together.
  • Stick to an early bedtime: Your child will get the sleep he/she needs, and you’ll get to recharge your batteries.
  • Be ready for sick days: Stock up on rehydration drinks like Pedialyte, Gatorade or Vitamin Water so you don’t have to run to the store in the middle of the night.
  • Let your partner take over: Your partner is all in, so encourage them of being in charge of bathing, reading or tummy time (or all three). These are great bonding activities—and an opportunity for you to take a breather.
  • Read to your child every single day: It helps build imagination and is time well spent.
  • Act Silly: Life can be too serious. Let your child see you laugh, make funny faces, and enjoy your time together.
  • Find your crew: Find friends or groups to help support you through this journey. You’ll find a shared bond that helps create a sisterhood of moms.

Remember, after that first year, you’ll be able to share your own words of wisdom and what you’ve learned with those “newbies,” who come after you. Year one is hard, but you’ll fly into the sophomore year with confidence and memories knowing you’ve got this!

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*Click link on parent’s magazine article for name of advisors listed.

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