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What’s Your Vision For 2020?

What’s your vision for 2020?

The new year begins with promises and resolutions for change. If you’re like most of us we vow to curb our eating and drinking habits, reduce stress, get more sleep and improve overall health. These goals are achievable but won’t happen overnight or without hard work and planning. January starts with a renewed sense of purpose but by February the goal line is further away as the excuse meter gets in the way.

Our life calendars are full and there’s no time to keep our bodies and minds fit for the long haul. Workouts consist of bending over to pick up dirty clothes, beauty sleep consists of 10-minute catnaps and whipping up a gourmet meal is takeout in a pretty box. The drive-through has become our best friend, the toll roads a quick lifesaver and buying groceries through a phone app a necessity.

Maybe it’s time to start a new vision and make 2020 your year!

How to set your goals

The Action for happiness website outlines how to begin a new journey for yourself by:

  • Deciding what you want your goals to be
  • Write it down – so you can refer back
  • Tell someone about your goals – by sharing them it may increase the likelihood that you’ll stick to them
  • Break your goals down – especially for the big ones
  • Plan your first step
  • Keep going
  • Celebrate

What’s at stake?

Do you envision a lifestyle or healthcare change that will help lead to better outcomes? If so, you will be joining millions of other women wishing for the same thing. The most Googled symptom search in the U.S. for 2018 was stress? It was the top concern in one-fifth of the states. Google also disclosed that 1 in 20 searches or 5% are for health information. Good health and well-being are so important and it’s time to make us a priority in 2020.

How to revitalize your life

WebMD shares a great slide show on their site including 10 ways to revamp:

  • Shake the salt habit
  • Climb the stairs – just 10 minutes will give you a mental boost
  • Drop the donut – forget the comfort food when you’re tense, grab an apple instead
  • Get your beauty sleep
  • Break out of your rut
  • Walk around the block to clear your head
  • Eat more fiber
  • Focus on the present
  • Call the doctor – if you are having ongoing health problems it can wear you down
  • Feed your head – get your brain out of its rut, join a book club, take up a new hobby

Where to get started on your goals

There is a call for action from the medical community including the Centers for Disease Control whose Healthy People 2020 prevention agenda brings awareness for attaining high-quality longer lives.

Follow a few healthful tips to ensure you’re on the right path:

  • Maintaining regular check-ups
  • Physical Activity
  • Healthy Diet
  • Not smoking/vaping
  • Follow general safety rules

The Action for Happiness website, yes there is one, lists 10 keys for happier living using the keywords, “Great Dream.” Instead of downloading another game app on your iPhone download apps that encourage, lift you up and help you achieve your goals.

Make 2020 a perfect vision to accomplish your goals. Let it be the best one yet!


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